We invite guests to savour Crete's essence, balancing modernity and heritage THE STORY

Taking inspiration from Crete's abundant treasures, ancient glory, myths and history, Aldemar Knossos Villas takes pride in its long presence in hospitality.

It is run by a second-generation Greek family of hoteliers and has gained multiple awards throughout its 20-year journey. Its style stands for tradition and innovation.

Aldemar Knossos Villas presents a new Cretan aesthetic by doing away with exaggerations and aiming at a simple, joyful, meaningful and luxurious stay.

Aldemar Knossos Villas' motto is 'Celebrate life', as we like to empower ourselves and those around us with positive thinking and actions. Our work speaks for itself, and we are proud to have partnered with the local community to make a positive impact and work towards a better future.

At Aldemar Knossos Villas, our vision is to share our passion for genuine Cretan hospitality with each guest and instil our ethos and values of travel and beyond into the young generations.

Aldemar Knossos Villas combines a rich, historic structure with a fresh and sophisticated new take on hospitality in Crete.

Pools by the Sea

Our pools are our jewels, giving Aldemar Knossos Villas an extra feel of tranquillity. Private or shared, each pool is filled with seawater and sustainably maintained.


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