Retreat to your personal sanctuary THE SETTING

Aldemar Knossos Villas is an exceptional luxury resort on the island of Crete that offers all modern comforts and impeccable facilities. 

Built on a private seafront with mesmerizing views of the Cretan Sea, it is a unique destination in Greece.

Set on a secluded cape overlooking the most astonishing beaches of Hersonissos Bay, Aldemar Knossos Villas is built on a distinctive natural landscape. It faces a magical sunrise and sunset on the water, with fantastic background views of mountains falling into the crystal blue Cretan Sea.

Thanks to its exceptional architecture, each villa is a masterpiece of luxury and comfort that pays tribute to the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Aldemar Knossos Villas is a blissful resort and an authentic paradise where guests can find tranquillity, joy and inspiration.


Aldemar Knossos Villas Hersonissos Crete Location Hotel Entrance



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